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“ Haas Creative Carpentry delivers a personalized experience that I think we all wish for when taking on one of the biggest investments of our lives.  Admittedly I am a bit of a micromanager, however during the entire construction process Dustin and team kept us fully informed and engaged. Their attention to detail and regular communication provided us a great peace of mind and complete trust.”

The Bells

Shermans Dale, PA

A letter of appreciation

September 24, 2022

Dear Dustin:

We are writing to you today regarding our experience with your team. Our journey with Haas
Creative Carpentry and your expanded team began back in the fall of 2018. As we contemplated building our dream home, looking at my husband’s hand sketches of what that might look like someday, he happened to take a different route home and drove past a construction site that made him turn around to take another look. That day we found your team and it all started from that quick turnaround.

While we worked with the expertise of the Meridad Designs team to take those scribbled drawings into an actual plan, Dustin attended every meeting and added excellent suggestions every step of the design. The team all took part in suggestions for each and every detail, from the largest timbers to the smallest bathroom faucet, as if each decision was important in an effort to assure that we got it all right! We were never asked to select from a pre-set list of materials or to use cookie-cutter options. This team truly offers a CUSTOM design.

Our journey took some hard turns during the start of COVID and the team was subsequently
handed a new list of restrictions and rules to follow for our build. Dustin handled all of this with
ease and never missed a step, all the while keeping us assured it was all going to work out in the end, and it did. The entire team of experts recommended by Haas Creative Carpentry were all exceptional and professional tradesmen. Each an expert in their respective fields, we have been pleased with the insistence of nothing less than perfection in each and every step, nothing out of place or imperfect can be found at our entire project. Dustin coordinated all professionals and their schedules to keep the job moving and never excused anyone from meeting deadlines and his expectations.

Haas Creative Carpentry is the essential builder for anyone who desires a truly custom home.
Dustin and team welcome every “can you” that we requested along the way and guided us to
make all the best design choices possible. We cannot express our appreciation and thanks to the entire team for the attention to detail and expert service that allowed us to take a scribble and a dream into an actual home that is perfect in every way. We are thankful every day for the detour taken on the way home that fall day in 2018 that brought us to this team by a chance drive by.

Todd & Audrey, New Bloomfield PA

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